Bringing you sweets, treats and crochet. Combining my personal touch and friendly service with delicious unique recipes. Check my shop for prices and details.Hello everyone! Welcome to The Enchanted Pixie Cottage.

Hello everyone and welcome to The Enchanted Pixie Cottage.

I have had a lot of fun with my crochet business and have always wanted to expand with my love of making sweet treats. I am very  happy to announce that I am expanding my business – The Enchanted Pixie Cottage! From my kitchen and workshop I offer cookies, cupcakes and other sweet treats in Houston and the surrounding area, combining my personal touch and friendly service with delicious and unique recipes.

We supply these and other sweet treats to the Houston and surrounding areas including Spring, The Woodlands, Katy, Pearland and the surrounding areas.

Here are just a few of the sweets and baked goods we have recently made.

Please check our sweets section in our store.

All of The Enchanted Pixie Cottage baked goods are made fresh and from scratch. In order to maintain the best quality and attention to detail our baked goods must be ordered at least one month in advance or if you need to order something within a week, please leave an email message and I will be more than happy to work with you.

Here’s a look at how we decorate some of our baked goods.


Allergies – Please be aware that while your chosen baked item may not be made with nuts or a nut product, it will be prepared in a kitchen where nut products may be used in other baked goods and fillings.

You will be provided a printing and you can view our website stating the allergens present in each baked good. Our baked goods will routinely contain eggs, milk and gluten.

Delivery – We deliver! Delivery will be made by arrangement. If you have a specific date/time for delivery, please let us know when placing your order. The Enchanted Pixie Cottage will do our best to meet your requirements.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that correct delivery information is provided and someone is available to receive your baked goods. A signature will be required for the receipt of the order upon delivery.

We also provide contactless delivery. In the notes section leave name, number, e-mail, address, date and time of delivery.

Due to the COVID -19 guidelines all deliveries require a phone number to discuss final delivery arrangements in an effort to follow CDC recommendations.

Note – A small delivery charge is included in the price of each package you order. Thank you in advanced. Have a blessed day.

The Enchanted Pixie Cottage currently operates under The Texas Cottage Food Law.

I’d like now to start by telling you a little about myself.  I am a blessed mother of two beautiful children and 26 years later still married to my loving high school sweetheart.  I have the wonderful opportunity to be a stay at home mommy but don’t let that fool you.  Being a stay at home mommy is a lot of work as many of you may know!  I’m not sitting on my bum watching TV and eating bonbon all day.  I am the Chef, Cleaning Lady, Doctor Mom, etc.  And I wouldn’t change a thing.

I have been fortunate to inherit an array of delicious recipes from my Mother, Father, Grandmother and Mother-in-Law that I would like to share with all of you.  A good friend once told me that you need to ask your loved ones about their recipes you like while they can still share them or they will be lost forever.

We love the outdoors and my husband and I have come up with some delicious recipes for fresh and saltwater fish as well as wild game.

Let me tell you teaching myself to crochet when I was pregnant with my daughter was a daunting task especially when technology wasn’t what it is today and no one in my family could really assist.  After lots of reading and research (thank you local library).  I managed to teach myself and twenty years later, I have created projects that many people I come in contact with adore.  That is such a fulfilling feeling to have someone compliment you on something you on creating something from scratch that they actually like!

I have decided to finally start my blog to share my knowledge, thoughts and ideas. I’m known as a very quiet person but I like to talk and share things that are very near and dear to me.  I hope you like them too.

Lastly, I have started this blogging journey on New Years Day 2018 , so I would like to wish everyone a very happy, successful and blessed New Year.

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